We are a Market Makers

At Quant, we specialize in providing everything your token needs to accelerate its liquidity. 

Market makers for everyone


Our Services support all exchanges with api orders connection


We invest in winning market-making strategies that have successfully survived the test of time and the ones that deem fit to the individual needs. We employ the following approach

Market Analysis

We start every project with a thorough market analysis and cross-check it with our previous records and valuable expert advice. Small-scale testing is also conducted before the strategy is finally deployed to ensure it operates smoothly without running into a problem. 

Round-the-clock service

We have our team of experts working 24/7 to provide quick follow-ups. We deliver prompt reports and strategies to improve trading by keeping a track of the macro tendencies and trading volumes

Automated market-making

The execution of market making at Quant is all automated and it has changed the landscape of trading. Automation transforms the system into a fairer program with stable prices and reduced chances of slippage

Tighter bid-ask spread

This allows the market to become stable which helps to mitigate the unexpected price fluctuations

Market depth

By Injecting sufficient volume and liquidity in the hedging derivatives, Quant allows the market participants to trade their token without significantly affecting its price


Quant is built with risk-free features and provides complete transparency to the trades

Everything but no fee  

We have no overhead expenses for the offer/sell price or any other additional fee.

Exchange networks

We set you off for effective and faster trades on all major exchanges including CEX and DEX

About us

Why do you need the Quant influence?

  • Quant maintains a two-way market by constantly quoting (bidding and selling) 
  • To get the best price for your asset 
  • Crypto markets are generally far more volatile than other markets. Without healthy crypto markets, liquidity drops and generates high volatility.
  • It can result in KPIs around the order book spread and depth, which are the key factors to avoiding chances of slippage.
  • An orderly entry and exit points for the traders help attract a greater number of investors to safely get in   

How it works


As it's true for any other crypto project, it's complicated and demands a wide range of subject matter skills. This leads to a skill gap among its developers getting wider which could result in financial and many times organizational risks. This is where our outsourcing service comes into play by providing


Outsource market-making allows you to quickly upscale your project and provides greater liquidity in no time 

Integration of bots and simulation

of active trades serves as an excellent tool to determine a fair trading value and competitive bid-sell prices


individualized reports and thorough analysis are drawn to reflect a plan 

Designing a strategy

In accordance with the customer's needs a strategy is devised which fits the plan the most  

MM & Liquidity

We Offer Expert Market Making Services

We are a team of young, experienced experts who are passionate about their work. We cooperate with new projects and our mission is to help them start their journey in crypto world

Experience in years

5 +

Happy projects

46 +

Worldwide countries

14 +



Tokenomics is what drives the value of the crypto assets. It is a true indicator of its mechanics and the forces that can possibly affect its growth. The popularity of a token boils down to its demand and supply which gives a fair idea about how well the token can outlast others. However, its most important marker can be the liquidity otherwise investors are hesitant to trade due to risks of high slippage fees and difficulty in selling it later.  But don't worry Quant has the right solution for you. 



We know how important it is to design your planning steps with a roadmap, but it is only as good as how you implement it. But don't worry, as Quant knows the drill. The Quant roadmap has been centered around various phases that will be delivered along with multiple time frames. All the phases will be sequentially conveyed while being parallel with thorough research, individualized need, and valuable expert advice. 

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